Product Line

In our workshop in Victoria, British Columbia, we custom make shoes for your feet.

All of these designs can be made in different colours and styles. All shoes are handmade and genuine leather.


When reviewing the following shoe prices please consider these costs.

We are happy to work with customers who have issues fitting “off the shelf” shoes to create a shoe that will fit. However, to build a well-fitting, custom shoe additional labour is often required to build up our “lasts” (shoe forms) to make them wider, narrower, longer, or accommodate bunions or hammer toes. In that case we charge an extra $100 fee. These rates are all discussed when measuring the foot, and creating the order.

Additionally, if you would like us to custom design from an existing pair of shoes, we charge a $100, to cover the cost of generating a new pattern.

*Also available is a wide collection of custom made sandals.