Shoe Craft

In his workshop in Victoria BC, Bao Ly designs and crafts all of his products by hand. The art of custom shoe making involves many many steps, each of which must be done with care and concentration.

  • We also provide shoe repair, workboot (Redwings, Blundstones, Birkenstocks, Timberlands, Carhartts, etc.) and leather goods (handbags, belts, etc.) repair service.
  • We sell WHOLESALE and RETAIL leather as well. Please contact us or stop by the shop to inquire.

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A basic overview of the process of custom shoemaking:
To begin, you pick the shoe design (see page marked ‘product line’) as well as the type/colour of leather. We take a detailed measurement of both your feet and then size and cut the leather to fit. The pieces of leather are then sewn together, glued and hammered into it’s insole to create the basic shoe. After the shoe has had time to set and take it’s shape, customers are asked to return to the store for a second fitting. This is done to ensure that the shoe fits perfectly to your feet and any adjustments that need to be made can be done so before the outer sole is fitted and the shoe is finished!


  • It is because of this detailed and individualized process that we can accommodate for anyone with foot problems such as bunions, high arch, hammertoes or limb length discrepancy.
  • We can also make specialised shoes for anyone with orthotic inserts
  • Our feet are not exactly the same on each side which is why we create shoes to fit each one of your feet.
  • In general, our sizes vary 5 to 11 and from ‘A’ width to ‘EEE’, but we can also accommodate for smaller or larger sizes

Feel free to come and visit us in the shop and see this process for yourself. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.